Why don't u like gold anymore

just know. silver is in.

I made a tumblr just so i could keep up with you because i love you ty so much :) wait , is that weird ?

aw omg that made my day completely. that’s love yo.

i really like your taste in music. I was wondering if you could maybe put out a list somewhere of your favorite songs?

i have too many favorite songs.

Do u still wear ur gold chains ?

nope. it’s all about silver now.

You're the wolf of all the streets

the original wolf. as long as you know ;-)

would you ever get henna ?

yes. they’re beautiful.

did u bring your wolf pillowcase w. you to nyc? 😁

yes :-) i had to! it’s from a supporter. i brought all the things my supporters have gave to me, and their letters, with me.

I'm mot trying to be rude, but u seem like your changing bc u don't like the colors black or white and u say no more silver or gold for you.what is happening?

my favorite colors are black and white.
i changed my preference to silver now. not gold. because i find it funny how a lot of people started to wear gold chains and wear black and wear grills. it’s a common things now. now it’s time to change my style and see who else is a copy paste.

you deserve nothing but the best :)

as do you.

tbh, your relationship with Chris gives me hope that love still does exist somewhere out in the world.

it does.

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