Anonymous said: Do you think a healthy relationship needs good sex to survive?

mental then physical. remember that.

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iloveyoubabe7 said: turned on anon? *daps you out of respect*

have to give those shy people a chance.

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Anonymous said: The Way you say Ooo that's a car neeyiga 😂😂😂 had me dying

LOL. my mom got tight i posted that.

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Anonymous said: What are some dope spots to go to in ny to visit, shop, eat and all that? Not spots that are just like eh, that was aight lol

go to cafe bari on green street. the food is pricey but worth it.
most stores in soho are dope.

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mari0920 said: Who are you personally


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Anonymous said: I remember one of your old vines (on the act. that got hacked) you was in a car and you was like "I just saw the cutest spanish-black boy." Lol just a throwback.

that was a cute spanish boy farreal. i don’t remember what he looks like but imagine if it was christian that i saw.

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Anonymous said: Is Christian puerto rican?

yeah. half.

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lindsayfarahnie said: Did u ever have braces


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