Tyla you are one of the most rad people i know of like seriously you go above and beyond and aren't afraid to be yourself, wish more people had your confidence and all you inspire a lot of people

i’m working on it man. people would be so much happier if they just didn’t care what irrelevant people had/has to say about them. like what is a “you’re ugly, you’re fat, you’re nothing” to a person who’s completely happy with themselves and being themselves. you’re undestructable in my opinion. words just fall off your external.

i'm sending you pack really soon xo

ah im excited!

75 3rd ave APT #1303n New York NY 10003

hey wolf tyla do you remeber me? im not trying to copy you (i would never cause thats rude ) but i just inspire you and love you ♥ and if you do can you follow me it would mean so much?

yes i do remember you :) #wolfmovementorlando

& aw love u too. have a good day.

I know you have chains from the gold gods, are their chains solid gold or gold plated? Would you suggest I buy from them or do you have better preferences for gold chains?

they’re pretty sturdy. i gave mine away to supporters and they’re still wearing it.

So close to 2million on vine 👏👏

i honestly don’t even consider it a big deal. because 0 followers or 2 milion i’m still going to continue to make videos out of boredom.

You will never see this 😫

love the positivity girl. 

where do you buy your rings? (-:

bohomoon gives me rings.

OMG thank you so much for following me I'm tearing up 😫 I love you !

it ain’t nun but a compton thang.

oh my gosh tyla, my parents won't let me go to see you in miami and im literally crying. i met you in orlando but i really want to meet you again. i still love you tho. xoxo.

aw :( it’s ok.

bae, I miss you so much 😩.

miss you too syd. #wolfmovementboston

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