lewavekarrunn said: How's your soul?


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cyber-puta said: CAN U COME TO MIAMI

if i get booked.

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sally-kidd said: dont mean to be rude or anything. but why do you spend so much time answering ppl who are being assholes or keep askin the same questions instead of those who arent gonna waste your time? ive been messaging you for weeks now. 😕

who’s being rude to me? i go in order. understand that i have about 976,213 messages in my tumblr inbox. hopefully that can become understanding to you that i am only one person.

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kidswearcrownseverywhere said: don't let anybody get chu downnn - wolftyla 💛


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andrayalozada said: This is kinda weird but would you ever come to North Carolina?

if i get booked.

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aaarchambault said: you're actually really pretty 😳💝

and you’re actually nice.

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triskenandwaffles said: U R GREAT


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posvibezz said: Do you ever come to jersey ?

…no ive never been to new jersey before. *drinks tea*

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xoxobeauty18 said: Do u like the song studio by schoolboy q


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brotherabdu said: what's your opinion on my blog ty?

my opinion shouldn’t matter, it’s your tumblr.

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