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Would you ever go on omegle to meet some of your fans? It's like a chatting site with text and video. You could do if when you get back to your apartment with your laptop. If you wanted to of course.

i do all the time lol.

Can u give me ideas on my twitter, and IG caption?

be original with it.

How much did your canon cost? I really want one & I'm wondering how much they cost.

all them cost different.

seeing you since you first started off vine to graduating, to Christian, to college, &' seeing you grow mentally stronger is the most beautiful I've ever experienced. you might not see it yourself but I do. can't wait til you get married, have kids &' teach them how you teach the pack. imma still be here, just wait on it.

you grow through what you go through. i love that you pay attention to detail.

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